High poly head download

high poly head download

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Looking for a High Poly Head Download. My understanding is the main one is from VectorPlexus by KouLeifoh, but I can't seem to access. Over 30 custom races can use the amazing High Poly Head on VectorPlexus. Now with a Vampire head fix and Auto installer. So I was helping Archer install mods in Mod Organizer 2 and he complained about the High Poly heads from that other website didn't actually work for him I.
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Video tells you what you need to know To use unpack the mod and place the meshes and texture folders in Data Will add a folder to each named WOS In your mod add the statics as new records Place in your player home etc. So I am archiving it here. If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update. Hosting this site is not free. This is awesome , i just got back to modding skyrim after 7 months away and man this is huge compare to what i used to see.